Staff & Contact

Chris Kenji Beer, Business Development. Chris has led a number of technology based business development teams, including BluZinger, a Bluetooth and WiFi promotion network partnered with/ acquired by General Growth Properties (GGP, America’s #2 largest mall owner); Media Lead, a leading mobile games publisher; Media Portal Japan, a Toshiba-Softbank JV; GM/ Director/ founding member, Freei Networks, Ltd. (see Freei – Wikipedia; acq. by Netzero); co-founder, Freei- Asia (reaching 3 million users); co-Publisher/Editor, Asia Pacific Chamber of Commerce and Asia Pacific Economic Review and tech writer for NW Asian Weekly. He generated over $12.75 million in business for these companies; managed key partners such as Singapore Telecom, TOT Thailand, The Kuok Group, TGC Intl., NEC, EXCITE, Ericsson, Tokyo FM- Gigno, Orascom Telecom, Centennial Wireless, and Telus.

Miten Mehta, Director. Miten is the Chief Alliance Officer at Immediately prior, he had been consulting advisor for Google developer relations on the GDC (Google Cloud Platform). As an angel investor, Miten has been associated with Stanford’s Angels  and Entrepreneurs, AngelLab Inc., and TiE Global. He was cofounder and VP of MoCondi, acquired by Mobile Media, Cronus Ventures, and InfoSpace. Miten has invested and advised a number of Ai and cloud based companies, such as Hubilo, GlobalScaleup, Cloudrino, and KloudData.

Donald Lee, Applications Developer & Designer/ Testing Engineer. Donald worked in various departments at Microsoft for 18 years, primarily as a testing engineer for software and server applications, including Xbox, Windows eHome Media, Windows operating systems, and Lync server systems, Ford SyncII Automotive systems. He served as team lead on a number of projects, including an offshore engineering team. Donald received is Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Washington, and Digital media arts degree from Bellevue College.