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Our initial consultation is free, and then we mutually determine how we may work together in achieving your business goals. We will offer initial recommendations and strategies. Our strengths are advising and implementing new technologies.

Chris Beer, Business Development. Chris has led a number of technology based business development teams, including BluZinger, a local Bluetooth and WiFi developer and promotion network partnered with General Growth Properties; Media Lead, a leading mobile games and content publisher; Media Portal USA, a Toshiba-Softbank mobile phone solutions company; GM/ Director/ founding member, Freei Networks, Ltd. (see Freei – Wikipedia); co-founder, Freei- Asia; co-Publisher/Editor, Asia Pacific Chamber of Commerce and Asia Pacific Economic Review and technology writer for Northwest Asian Weekly. He generated over $11.75 million in business for these companies. In these positions, he managed key partners such as Singapore Telecom’s SingNET, TOT Thailand, The Kuok Group, TGC Intl., NEC, EXCITE, Ericsson, Research In Motion (Blackberry), Tokyo FM- Gigno Systems, Orascom Telecom, Telus Mobility, and Nextel International. Chris received his B.A. with honors from Xavier University. Other studies include Kaplan CleanTech Education, Japanese studies at Sophia University- Tokyo Japan, and the University of Washington Graduate School of Public and International Affairs.

Donald Lee, Applications Developer & Designer/ Testing Engineer. Donald worked in various departments at Microsoft for 18 years, primarily as a testing engineer for software and server applications, including Xbox, Windows eHome Media, Windows operating systems, and Lync server systems, Ford SyncII Automotive systems. He served as team lead on a number of projects, including an offshore engineering team. Donald received is Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Washington, and Digital media arts degree from Bellevue College.

Thao Khuat, CARPET HEATER. Thao Khuat has over 10 years of experience in planning and operations. She was an industrial engineer for B/E Aerospace where she was in charge of strategic planning, business process improvement and performance measurement to achieve cost reduction, better product quality and customer satisfaction. She was certified for Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and a member of The Association of Supply Chain Management (APICS) and Project Management Institute (PMI).
At the City of Seattle, she has been part of the team to provide essential utility services to the residents to keep Seattle the best place to live and work. In additions, she runs an Airbnb hosting business driven to create connections with the world. Combining her industrial engineering background with her hospitable personality, she has created a balancing, welcoming and positive environment where her guests will not only be able to switch off, relax and recharge but also have a sense of belonging. She uses the Carpet Heater for her hosting business.
Thao earned her Master degree in Engineering Management from Syracuse University, and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering from University of Technology, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Jay Gray, Consulting Engineer. Jay has 5 years of business leadership and 15 years of software experience, improving products and processes for world-leading companies. He is responsible for applying sound engineering principles to develop the Solar e-Cart Charger and Solar EV Charger into large-scale commercial products. Past businesses he has owned include: a telecommunications equipment brokerage, designing and developing a robust coffee bean sorter, a computer sales shop, and a used car dealership. Jay has two B.S. degrees, in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, both from Washington State University.