Our basic philosophy is best explained by quoting one of the leading disruptive innovators of our time, Naveen Jain – “There is no problem in the world that can’t be solved by innovation and entrepreneurship. When you are an expert at something, you can never make something  10 times better. If you make something 10 times better, you have to be a non-expert. You have to challenge the foundation of everything that experts have taken for granted.”

We recognize businesses aim to give more than just what your customers want. Your products or services must reinforce and support long term business goals and establish deeper connection and traction. Often times, this means listening to disruptive “fringe” customers, known as disruptive innovation. Harvard professor and national bestselling author of “Innovator’s Dilemma” Clayton Christensen explains how the best, most well intended companies have failed to adjust to new innovative technologies in their businesses. “Disruptive technologies often precipitate the industry leading firm’s failure”, says Christensen. Such disruption may create even lower quality products or services initially, but offer features that captivate the values of “fringe” customers; not the best customers. Typically fringe customers seek new, innovative, creative, “cheaper, simpler, smaller, more convenient products” of greater variety and selection.