Product Development

Sample 1: Solar Imby


The “Solar Trickle Charger” can be used to charge your cell phone, mobile device, fan, or other device or accessory. It is also a valuable source of car battery health and maintenance. The solar panel is connected to the car battery which can not only extend the life of your car batteries by as much as 30%, but it also consistently charges the entire battery system of your Hybrid car. 

It is particularly useful for hybrid and electric cars that consistently consume more electricity to run the car. It can serve as a power replacement during emergency situations. When it is low, it is able to start your car with no problem on a sunny day.

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Sample 2: BluZinger 


Contracting regionally with General Growth Properties (America’s #2 mall owner), Mobile Zinger rolled out wireless Bluetooth, WiFi, and SMS services to four of the largest retail outlets in the region, including the Alderwood Mall, Westlake Center, Bellis Fair Mall, and The Puyallup Fair. We built out a wireless Bluetooth and WiFi network in these venues, effectively reaching 100,000s customers via wireless devices on a monthly basis. On two investor pitches, the business finished in the top 3 among over a hundred angel investment startup candidates.

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