Mobile Apps


Contracting regionally with General Growth Properties (GGP; America’s #2 mall owner), Mobile Zinger rolled out wireless Bluetooth, WiFi, and SMS services to four of the largest retail outlets in the region, including the Alderwood Mall, Westlake Center, Bellis Fair Mall, and The Puyallup Fair, and signed deals with 11 GGP malls. We built out a wireless Bluetooth, WiFi, SMS network in these venues, effectively reaching 100,000s customers, collectively half a million users via wireless devices per month. On two investor pitches, the business was recognized top 3 among over a hundred angel investment startup candidates.

BluZinger was acquired by GGP.

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iOT Mobile Apps:

This image shows our end-to-end Carpet Heater, smart plug, and iPhone mobile app remote control.

MZinger is active in iOT (Internet of Things) with our remote control mobile app.

Features include: 

  • A free remote control mobile app which supports iOS and Android devices.
  • Multiple timer, scheduling, auto on-off button for multiple sockets.
  • Smart plug connects to mobile app through Internet via Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G.
  • Standard 120 volt plug-in outlet; FC, CE, ETL certified.
  • Applications include remote control, anytime anywhere, of household appliances such as lights, coffee maker, microwave, television, and Carpet Heater.
  • A next version in production will add these features – thermostat range setting and temperature control.