About Us

Mobile Zinger (MZinger) is a mobile media and content publishing company. We offer business development, events marketing and communications services.

We also help startups and SMEs in various phases of their early stage life cycle. MZinger approaches business not only as sales and communications agent, but also as a creative and strategic partner.

The MZinger team developed a number of prominent mobile titles in cooperation with media companies such Discovery Channel (CashCab mobile game), Telus Mobility mobile app and television campaigns (Canada), and Fox Entertainment’s Alien vs. Predator (Asia), and Fremantle’s American Idol (Singapore Idol) mobile games. The company continues to publish Android apps for the tier-2 wireless operator and OEM markets.

The MZinger approach has resulted in millions of dollars in sales, business development and investment. This ranges from online, brick and mortar, trade shows and events, to mobile technologies.


  • Sales and Business development
  • Niche market development
  • Events marketing
  • Product differentiation and innovation
  • Product development, testing, and technical support
  • Underwriting Laboratories/ manufacturer certifications and listing applications
  • Competitive analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Business plans and white papers
  • Road map and pitch deck presentations
  • Lead generation, nurturing & remarketing
  • Communications – your corporate message


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